Monday, December 15, 2008

12 Days of Christmas: Scrooged

The second movie on my list is a movie that I’ve always considered to be a holiday classic. The movie puts Bill Murray into the role of a Scrooge like character and retells A Christmas Carol in Scrooged.
In the film Murray plays TV network president, Frank Cross, a man who has been turned from a nice guy to an evil executive that could care less about his family or employees. So because of his deeds he is visited by three ghost that bring the Charles Dickens Story A Christmas Carol into modern times and also create one my personal favorite Bill Murray movies.
I noticed three different things when I bring this movie up to people, they either love it, hate it or never seen it. I’ll be honest this movie might not be enjoyed by everyone; some of the material feels much uninspired. Yet, I think that’s all made up my Murray’s performance.
Besides Murray, another reason why I liked this movie is because of its sarcastic feel the movie carries, which makes for a very entertaining comedy.
All in all it’s an enjoyable holiday movie that everyone should check out.

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Press Reader said...

One of my favorite christmas movies.