Tuesday, December 16, 2008

12 Days of Christmas: Elf

Welcome to the third day of 12 Days of Christmas and today’s movie stars Will Ferrell as a human raised by Elves, who thinks he’s an Elf in a film called Elf.
It all begins in an orphanage on the night before Christmas. Santa (Edward Asner) has come down the chimney and as he’s placing presents under the tree, when an orphan baby is able to crawl out of his bed and into Santa’s sack. This causes Santa to take the baby all the way back to the North Pole, where he would be adopted by an older Elf named simply Papa Elf (Bob Newhart).
Fast forward the clock a few years and now that baby has grown into a full sized man named Buddy (Will Ferrell) and is unaware that he’s larger than all the other Elf’s that populate the world he lives in.
Soon Santa and Papa Elf decide it’s time for Buddy to go to New York City and find his real family. When Buddy arrives in New York he soon finds out that the life he led in the North Pole doesn’t apply to the real world.
After he has eaten gum off the street and twirled around in a rotating door, he decides it’s time to seek out his real father, Walter (James Caan), who is a publisher of children’s books that is addicted to his work.
Of course, Walter doesn’t think that this 6’3 elf is his son and takes him to get a blood test that proves that Buddy is who he says he is. This leads to Buddy meeting his step-mother, Emily (Mary Steenburgen) and his ten-year-old half-brother, Michael (Daniel Tay) who has no faith in the holiday and feels neglected by his father. Buddy then takes it upon himself to reintroduce the spirit of the holiday to everyone.
How can you not like this movie? It has Will Ferrell dressed up as an Elf in the role that made him into a movie star. There is just something really funny seeing a grown man running around New York as a Christmas Elf, if that's not enough to get you to watch the movie than I don't know if I can help you.
This would be my personal favorite Ferrell film, his stuff is starting to grow old; I mean Step Brothers was a total misfire and hopefully his upcoming movie Land of the Lost won’t suffer the same way.
Back to the movie, this is one of the best modern Christmas movies out there right now. Since 2003 I can name a few holiday movies that made me cringe (example: Christmas with the Kranks, Deck the Halls and Surviving Christmas) and also made me happy that we have movies like this.
If you are one of those people that haven’t seen this yet, I strongly advise you to watch it.


Anonymous said...

pure garbage
this guy is over-rated over inflated and over cooked

Anonymous said...

Elf was alright, Anchorman was real bad and so was Blades of Steel. Do the Christmas Story.

James Drzewiecki said...

I think the movie was called Blades of Glory and I do admit that most of Will Ferrell stuff is getting old and tired - Step Brothers is the perfect example of that. But I don't think that Elf is over-rated I find it enjoyable.