Wednesday, December 17, 2008

12 Days of Christmas: The Santa Clause

Welcome to day four of the 12 Days of Christmas and today’s movie stars Tim Allen as an ordinary man transforming into the Christmas icon, Santa Claus, in the holiday movie everyone should enjoy – The Santa Clause.
The film is about Scott Calvin (Tim Allen) a man who is divorced from his wife and also a father to Charlie (Eric Lloyd), who has lost his belief in Santa Claus.
That is all changed on Christmas Eve, while Charlie is spending the night; they are both woken up by a noise on the roof. They head outside to see what all the commotion is about and discover Santa on the roof. Scott yells at him causing Santa Claus to fall and become lifeless on the ground and then he magically disappears, leaving only the Santa suit behind.
Scott quickly goes through his pockets to find some sort of identification and comes across a business card that clearly stats that if something should happen to him, someone should put on the suit, get into the sleigh and leave the rest to the reindeers.
Scott puts on the suit and begins to deliver toys from house to house and at the end of their long trip, the reindeer bring them back to the North Pole. There they meet Bernard (David Krumholtz), the head elf of the North Pole and the person who brings The “Santa Clause” to Scott’s attention.
The clause is written very small on the card Scott took out of the Santa suit and says that upon the death of the previous occupant, whoever wears the suit assumes the identity of Santa Claus and all the responsibilities that go with it.
Now if you haven’t seen the movie you’ll have to now to find out how this affects his life.
The Santa Clause is the first movie in a Santa Clause trilogy and is the best out of the three. Yet, it took about eight years for a sequel to this movie to be released and it never lived up to the hype that it received over the years and the third movie should just be forgotten about.
What I enjoy most about this movie and the reason I placed it on this list is because it takes a lot of its style from older holiday movies. Also, Tim Allen’s performance as Santa Claus is great and there is one scene, where he’s being integrated by the police that is just hilarious.
If you haven’t been able to catch this movie on TV during one of its many showings, then I would recommend picking it up to watch.

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