Friday, December 5, 2008

The Dark Knight Returns

The Dark Knight is going to be re-released in U.S. cinemas in January.
The best Batman film to date, starring Christian Bale as The Dark Knight and the late Heath Ledger as the menacing Joker, was originally released in July and has grossed more than $996 million worldwide.
The studio bosses have decided to release the film back to U.S. theaters on January 23, which would be the day after this year’s Oscar nominations have been announced.
With this re-release I will say that the movie will surpass the $1 billion mark and Bale has stated that the success of the movie should earn or guarantee them Academy Awards. We won’t know this until the day of the announcements.
He also stated that Heath Ledger is a major Oscar contender and also that Christopher Nolan, the director, would also be a contender and he also thinks the film will be nominated for Best Picture.

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