Friday, October 29, 2010

31 Days of Horror 3: Eraserhead

DAY 29
David Lynch's first film is a disturbing look into a man's fears of parenthood.
The film is set in a town that is an industrial wasteland. This is where we meet Henry Spencer (Jack Nance) a young factory worker. Spencer faces challenges such as meeting someone of the opposite sex, meeting her parents and then having a baby. Henry's girlfriend, Mary X (Charlotte Stewart) then gives birth to a deformed baby and leaves it in Henry's care.
This is very challenging movie that can be frightening in some areas and completely sensitive in others. It has brilliant imagery pulling from Gothic horror and sound that creates a completely eerie environment.
I also love, in Lynch fashion, that nothing is ever explained. The movie is left open for your own interpretation. I think it's great when filmmakers leave their work open, because it shows how brave and confident the director is in the story they have told and also have faith in the intelligence of the audience.
One thing about the film I didn't like is areas where the story can be flat. This doesn't hurt the movie, because when it does go flat it quickly picks itself back up.
The film can be disturbing and repulsive but the truth about this film is that it is a true masterpiece. If you do watch it just be prepared to be challenged and disturbed but ultimately satisfied.

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