Thursday, October 7, 2010

31 Days of Horror 3: Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer

Well ... it might not be the cult classic it set out to be, but it's heart is in the right place and if you give it a chance you will be surprised on how good it actual is.
The movie is about Jack Brooks (Trevor Matthews) who, as a kid, witnessed his family murdered by a monster. Because of that he developed a uncontrollable anger problem, which his girlfriend, Eve (Rachel Skarsten) hopes to cure his anger problem. The class is being taught by Professor Gordon Crowley (Robert Englund) who soon goes through some strange changes, which forces Jack to rise up as the hero and defeat the evil that rests inside Crowley and others.
The monsters in this movie are fantastic. They aren't CGI, they are people in suits, which, with the right lighting, look amazing. The creature that kills his family in the beginning is one of the scariest looking things I've seen.
The movie is also very refreshing because there is no CGI in any shot. This is a CGI free movie and it still looks amazing, which only proves that CGI is not needed in everything.
The story could have been stronger though. It definitely knows where it wants to go and just goes, which is good and bad. I wish there was a little more character development.
With all that said this is really a throwback to '80's style horror films and is worth watching.

NOTE: There will be a slight delay in these heading into the weekend, but will be back to normal by Tuesday.

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