Sunday, October 17, 2010

31 Days of Horror 3: The Howling

DAY 17
The Howling is a classic when it comes to werewolf movies.
TV reporter, Karen White (Dee Wallace) has a traumatic experience at work so she checks into a California resort called The Colony to relax. On the first night she hears howling outside and then she soon discovers she is staying in a colony of werewolves. She then fights for her life, so she can expose their secret.
The movie is filled with horror movie references, listen to some of the character names, and real scares.
This is no American Werewolf in London but it's a pretty close second. I love these old werewolf movies, because they stick to the classic formula. You shouldn't mess around with movie monsters such as werewolves or vampires, I mean you can tweak them or add something new, but I always think that they should stick to what made them classic.

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