Wednesday, October 20, 2010

31 Days of Horror 3: Trick 'r Treat

DAY 20
Writer-Director, Michael Dougherty brings back good old fashion suspense in this very well crafted Halloween anthology story.
This movie weaves together several stories, each posing their own unique dangers. We have a group of school kids finding a dark secret, a school principal that is a serial killer and other story lines I can't really discuss or I would ruin the fun for you all.
I will go as far to say that this is the best Halloween movie in years. It's beautiful to look at, the performances are strong and the stories are all very interesting.
I can't say anything bad about this movie, I loved everything about it. Some people say that it lacked conflict and resolution, but I don't think it did.
The movie also had Sam, as seen in the picture above. Sam is all about Halloween and if you break the rules of the Holiday, he'll make sure you pay. He is as cool as Jason, Michael and Freddy.
What makes me mad is that they didn't believe in this movie enough to release it into theaters and it's a lot better then most of the recent horror films that have come out.
I strongly recommend this to everyone who loves horror and Halloween movies.

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