Monday, August 11, 2008

Battle Of Heroes

After Robert Downey Jr. stated that "The Dark Knight" is too smart for him and that he needs a college education to understand it. I decided to put Iron Man up against The Dark Knight in a movie versus movie battle.
First let's start with Iron Man. This movie is a good movie, one con that I say it all the time it's stuck in four acts. The positive side about Iron Man is that like The Dark Knight is grounds itself in realism.
Iron Man focuses on a world that is war-torn and how a world like that forges a hero. Which is good, but the whole movie is about Iron Man, there is really no time for villains and there is no real threat to the hero until the final act.
Many argue Batman Begins was like this, which isn't true. Batman Begins has three villains and Bruce Wayne's origin story was not the entire movie, it was only a piece of a larger picture.
I liked Iron Man, I think it was a well done superhero movie, but it could had reworked it's third act so it didn't spill over into a fourth.
Now we have The Dark Knight, which is a smart and complex movie that succeeds on every level. What this movie had was a true villain that was evil and scary, that actual made you fear for the other characters.
The Dark Knight is not a hard movie to understand, as long as you pay attention I mean it's pretty much straight forward.
I really don't have any complaints about The Dark Knight, to me it was one of the best movies I've ever seen. And if you released Iron Man after The Dark Knight, I don't think Iron Man would have gotten as much positive feedback as it did. I don't even think it would of made as much money as it did.
So If I had to say which movie is better I would have to go with The Dark Knight. But to be fair I've always liked Batman and I was never an Iron Man fan.
I'm interested seeing how they will do an Iron Man sequel, but I'm even more interested in the third chapter in Nolan's Batman series.

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