Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Goonies Never Say Die!

It’s been nearly two decades since we saw “The Goonies” on the silver screen and rumors of a sequel are surfacing, proving that the Goonies will never die.
Rumors are hitting the internet hard, claiming that Warner Brothers are actually getting serious about Goonies 2 and want to make the film a large-scale theatrical release and don’t want it to be a direct to DVD movie, which has been rumored in the past.
It was also stated that Warners have assigned new writers to the project and sources claim that the movie will include some of the original cast.
I know for years I’ve always wanted a Goonies sequel and now with all the talk about one, I think it has its flaws but also some plus sides.
Two major problems I have with making a sequel is the reports of only having some of the cast member’s return. I know Anne Ramsey who played Mama Fratelli in the original has since passed away and also John Matuszak who played Sloth has also passed away, I really can’t see a film without Sloth, but maybe they can recast him with someone who can do a similar performance.
Those two characters aside, I’m very worried about is not being able to get back all the original Goonies. How can it be a Goonie movie with certain Goonies missing?
The plus side to this is that they are actual attempting to make another Goonies movie, with original Goonies cast members. They’re not trying to reboot the franchise or shove another remake down our throats.
Yet … with all this excitement Corey Feldman has said that studio bosses will never let the movie happen. He also said that Goonies 2 is too much of a gamble for the studio.
Even if the rumors are false and everyone gets their hopes up once again over nothing, the studios should take that into consideration. If fans of all ages are still getting excited about rumors that a Goonies sequel is being made isn’t that enough of a reason for them to green light it?
Now if the big announcement comes that Goonies 2 is prepared for filming, the question will be where would you take the story?
The whole cast is older, so what can these Goonies do in this stage of their life?
The story line that seems to be the most popular is having the Goonies have kids of their own.
This could work, but I don’t think that’s what anyone wants. I don’t want to watch a movies about the Goonies’ kids, it’s like I don’t want to watch a movie about the Ghostbusters retiring. If I go to see a Goonies movie, I want the original Goonies doing something.
As bad as I want a sequel to this movie, I would settle for not having one if they can’t figure out how to use all the original Goonies in the sequel and also having them as the central focus of the film.

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