Sunday, August 10, 2008

Begun The Clone War Has

In 2005 we finally saw Anakin Skywalker become the evil Darth Vader, the republic fall to the might of the Empire and Obi-Wan Kenobi and Yoda fall into the shadows so in the future they can usher in a new hope.
We all believed that George Lucas had finished his saga and after an impressive final act, but we were wrong.
This Friday there will be a seventh Star Wars movie in theaters, one that will be completely animated and focus on the time between Episode II and Episode III.
This time was the untold stories of The Clone Wars, a war that is as much a part of Star Wars history as a lightsaber is. A time period I thought we already saw in Episode II and Episode III and the previous cartoon series that was on Cartoon Network.
Apparently they’re still untold stories about this time we don’t know and that’s why will be getting the movie and after the movie we’ll also get a TV show, that already promises 100 episodes.
True Star Wars fans are really looking forward to this chapter in the Star Wars story, but there are others who believe that it’s just quick cash in for George Lucas.
I have been a Star Wars fan, forever. I always enjoyed the movies and I do believe that the first three movies are important films in American cinema history. After hearing about the cartoon movie, I of course was excited but skeptical.
First, I was never that interested in the Clone Wars. I never really liked how we had two sides that were both unemotional, we had one side of Clones that had their free will taken away and then we just have robots that were built to fight.
During the Galactic Civil War, we had both sides that were human and as a movie goer I think we felt more for the individual sides.
Even if Anakin learns a lesson in this movie, does it really matter? We all know that he becomes Darth Vader, so going into the movie we already know no matter what happens in this series there in no happy ending.
I know this movie is supposed to expand on the Clone Wars mythology and even give the clones emotion, something that the prequels never got into. I would like to see how they would do that, but still I rather they picked a different time period to explore.
A time line I would like to see on film is anything that happens after 1983’s Return of the Jedi. I know it has all been told through comics, video games and books, but I rather see it on the big screen.
I know we’ll most likely never get to see any of those stories on screen and we most likely won’t ever get to see the rumored Episodes 7, 8 and 9.
What we will get is a live action TV show, the animated TV show and Lucas has said he will release all six Star Wars movies in 3D.
Still, I would give up all that for another three films.
I'm excited about "Star Wars: The Clone Wars" but I'm not going to get my hopes up, it most likely won't meet our expectations.


Anonymous said...

Ithink The Clone War will be great to watch

nick said...

Can't wait to see this movie.

media boy said...

so Lucas finally got to make (or a least approve of) a whole Star Wars movie after his love for CGI, looks fun though