Tuesday, August 5, 2008

"The Dark Knight" Soars Over The $400 Million Dollar Mark

“The Dark Knight” leaped over the $400-million mark in only 18 days of release. This sets a new box-office record and beating the 43-day record that was held by “Shrek 2” in 2004.
The big question still remains is “The Dark Knight” going to break “Titanic’s” record?
This is how I look at it, when “Titanic” was in theaters the only thing that made that movie such a hit was the teenage girls that were in love with Leonardo DiCaprio. Don’t get me wrong, I thought “Titanic” was a fine movie, but all its repeat business that got it at $600 million was from teenage girls.
Now the only way from here on out for “The Dark Knight” to challenge the record is actually to have repeat business. That repeat business won’t come from teenage girls, but from fan boys.
The problem with that is that statistics show that fan boys are loyal customers, but they are not repeat customers.
So if you liked “The Dark Knight” and you want to see it pass “Titanic” go and see it again.

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you go dark knight.